Real Estate Advisors


Tenant/Buyer Representation

The real estate advisors at Waterbourne focus solely on the client’s needs, acting as an impartial advocate without conflict of interest.  In contrast to traditional brokerage houses, the Waterbourne approach to real estate services is driven by the long-term needs of the client, and not just the transaction.

Whether a client’s real estate plan calls for leasing help, relocation, or expansion, Waterbourne will professionally and efficiently provide tenant or buyer representation through all stages of the process.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Translation of the client’s needs into a comprehensive list of objective criteria
  • Potential location identification and investigation
  • Proposal request and analysis
  • Financial and cost information – including real estate taxes, comparable deal terms, operating expenses, escalation factors, and public incentives.
  • Comparison of all alternatives and evaluation of deals
  • Negotiation of competitive lease or purchase terms


Strategic Real Estate Planning

When it comes to real estate planning, the stakes are high
and the long-term impact is often pivotal to the continuing
success of any organizational enterprise.


Real estate decisions are frequently driven by short-term or immediate space requirements.  Extending beyond the narrow perspective of many traditional brokers, the Waterbourne strategic approach is designed to help you develop a much broader perspective.  Waterbourne seeks to assist you in developing real estate solutions that consider much more than just space needs.

Using our systematic approach, organizations are better able to identify and seize new competitive advantages by considering the impact that real estate has on all aspects of business including operations, sales, marketing, finance and human resources.

Waterbourne seeks to provide a systematic framework to help you make stronger, more purposeful strategic real estate decisions.


Property Disposition

Waterbourne Real Estate Advisors has successfully
established itself as a leading property marketing specialist -
handing all aspects of property disposition.


Unlike traditional real estate brokers, we handle the sale of the property in an exclusive and specialized manner, maintaining discretion for the owner and integrity for the property.

With a keen understanding of the development trends and market conditions in real estate, we help our clients position their properties to take full advantage of all available opportunities.

After evaluating the present and future market for the property, we will render an opinion on the fair market value of the property.  Waterbourne then creates a full and active marketing and sales program based upon the objectives of the owner.

Included among the marketing services that Waterbourne provides its clients are:

  • Preparation of property brochures and collateral marketing materials
  • Advertising and promotion of the property
  • Creation of sales proposals and presentations
  • Manage lease/purchase negotiations
  • Site tours





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